About Renaissance It Now!

Life is too short and amazing and wonderful for us to be distracted, beaten down, or otherwise seduced into meandering tediously through all the BS and mediocrity that’s also widely present.

It was St. Augustine, that crazy old pseudo-mystic, who said on one of his better days:

“If we live good lives, the times are also good. As we are, such are the times.”

That’s true, I believe, for Renaissances, too – both the personal ones and the public ones.

It’s my theory that the big civilization-wide Renaissances are caused by people creating their own personal ones first. Renaissance is NOT the product of some magnificent spirit floating across the land and awakening us to lives of greatness.

Or as Augustine said, our times do not create us as much as we create our times.

So, with that as my working assumption, Renaissance It Now! exists to provide you with the resources and encouragement for you to create and maintain your own Personal Renaissance and build a great, fulfilling, and completely bad ass life.

Much of this will be accomplished by highlighting and celebrating examples of Personal Renaissance produced by others.

Which means that things could get pretty messy and ungainly around here in short order – because there’s a lot from which to choose. . .