No More Ideology

Oct 25

No More IdeologyThe title of this post is “No More Ideology.”

Right. Like that’s ever going to happen.

America at its best – or at least at its most productive – requires an enemy.

And when we don’t have one, we turn on each other.

I remember at the height of the financial crisis and Great Recession, circa 2008-2009, I told a good friend that the United States was like a two-headed dog barking at itself.

Except this time it was much worse because there was no longer any food in the bowl.

I’m so tired of the warring minorities of ignorant bigots on the right and condescending snobs on the left demonizing each other and promoting a vision of fear and hate for the rest of us.


Ideology is Not Reality

Ideology is not reality – it’s the reckless and dishonest decision to replace reality with a fantasy that gives us the illusion of superiority.

But, of course, when enough individuals embrace an ideological mindset – no matter where on the political spectrum it originates – reality itself changes.

It leads to a culture of extremes – increased polarization, decreased humanity, and nightmare results such as Nazi Germany, Stalin Russia, the American Civil War.

So here’s my humble attempt to remind all of us that we are not our own worst enemy – unless we choose to make ourselves so.


U.S. Political Anti-Ideology Videos



















  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Brad. Apologies if you’re a man of faith, but I’d be inclined to add “or religion” to your headline.

    As you say, unyielding ideological beliefs often cause untold misery, conflict and suffering in the world, because the whole focus is on “ideas” rather than humanity. Extremism of any colour is a curse – you only have to look at what’s happening in the Middle East.

    Thanks for the videos – didn’t have time to watch them all, but enjoyed the ones I did – loved the golf one and Bush telling the joke that almost left Clinton lost for words – very funny!
    Susan Neal recently posted…15 Beliefs To Supercharge Your Writing CareerMy Profile

    • Thanks, Sue.

      No apologies necessary.

      I left organized religion a long time ago, although I’ve always admired the authentic believers who saw the same things I did but chose to stay and try to improve the faith.

      They’re better individuals than I.
      Brad Castro recently posted…Remembering Lou Reed – New York AlbumMy Profile

  2. Hey Brad,

    Well, I will not agree with you, with the point saying, Ideology, decreases humanity. I don;t think so, Both these are not related as far as I know.

    Anyways, Good Videos, Although haven’t gone through all. But still, Good efforts.

    Have a nice weekend.

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