Spider Man vs. Batman

Nov 27

Spider Man vs Batman Toronto 2012OK – I don’t know if this video from the Sean Ward Show Youtube video channel will stand the test of time exactly. I found it equal parts hilarious and stupid.

It’s a superhero spoof that features a “battle” between Spider Man and Batman that sprawls across Toronto on a summer night in July of 2012.

The initial conflict centers around the pair’s competing movies but quickly escalates – devolves is probably a better description – into a general rivalry on principle.

What I enjoyed the most is how lame these guys are.

Not only are they ridiculously ineffective superheroes – Spider Man, in his red Converse hi-tops, clearly needs to drop at least 30 pounds, and it’s hard not to laugh at Batman’s lack of mobility in his suit and struggles with his cape – but both “superheroes” are petulant and insecure.

The video reminds of that quote from the French novelist, Colette:

“You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.”


  1. Very silly – I wouldn’t trust either of these to rescue me from a burning building – hopeless! Spiderman needs to go on a diet 😉
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  2. LOl That’s amazing. 😀

    Spider man and Batman both are the most lovable super heroes. Specially childrens love them a lot.

    But I never saw any super heroes fighting with each other.

    BTW Thanks for sharing this amazing video.

    Have a nice weekend.
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