Tracy Nelson – Down So Low

Nov 01

tracy-nelson-01My good friend Dillon turned me on to this song.

Actually, I wasn’t even familiar with Tracy Nelson to begin with, so he turned me on to her as well.

Nelson, who has continued with a solo career, formed the blues-rock band Mother Earth in San Francisco in 1968. They’re remembered most for Nelson’s signature classic, Down So Low.

It’s been covered by a number of artists over the years, most famously by Linda Ronstadt in the mid ’70s. The Etta James version is pretty cool as well. And more recently, Cyndi Lauper did a good cover of it, too.

In this 1987 live performance in conjunction with the Kentucky Center of the ArtsLonesome Pines Specials late ’80s/early ’90s concert series, Nelson delivers a stirring rendition of the song.

It begins plaintive and ends – in defiance of the title – quite buoyant. Her vocals are amazing.

Tracy Nelson Performing “Down So Low” – Lonesome Pines Special (1987 )




Tracy Nelson Encore

Why stop at just one song?

Here are a couple more performances from the Lonesome Pines performance . . .


Drowning in Memories



Walk Away

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  1. I am old enough to remember Mother Earth, but have to admit that I doubt I ever listened to their music since I have never been a fan of the blues or rock. Tracy Nelson, therefore was not familiar to me either. She IS an absolutely amazing vocalist. Still not a fan of her musical style however. Yes, I am a Philistine 🙂 Thanks for trying to broaden my musical horizons, Brad.

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